Led Armband Safety Light


Single Strip LED light for the added safety.


Enhanced visibility and increased safety – perfect choice for runners, cyclists, horse riders, commuters, skiers and pedestrians such as school children or dog walkers. It is also ideal for all workers who are exposed to dangers during their daily work, working in environments that involve many hazards from moving vehicles and increased risk of accidents because of poor light conditions.It can run in three modes: slow flash, flash or long light.

An adjustable strap means the bands can fit almost any arm size and with the plastic clip can also be attached to bikes, bags or even tents for great visibility at night or in poor visibility.

High quality slim fit 25mm reflective material lets people at work or in traffic be seen earlier, giving vehicle drivers more time to take evasive action helping to prevent or reduce the risk of accidents.

Stays securely in place even during rapid movement. Perfect for use for all kinds of sport activities, even as trouser clips to keep them away from the chain when riding a bike.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear without restricting movement and won’t cause chaffing even when worn directly next to the skin.


Products: reflective lattice luminous armband on black background

Colors: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, white and colorful

Material: webbing+reflective material+light guide strip+controller

Light emitting mode: long light, flash, slow flash

Dimensions: 32*2.5CM

Weight: about 30g

Battery life: 60 hours (depending on usage)

Power supply: 2*CR2032 battery


Package Included:

1*reflective lattice luminous armband on black background


Led Armband

running armband light

led armbands for runners

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